Kent Island at only 2.6 sq miles has deep roots in Maryland history. Kent Fort, founded in 1631, is the third oldest English settlement in the country, after Jamestown and Plymouth. Before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened in 1952, the area served as a hub for steamboat travel, and ferry service traveled between Kent Island’s Love Point and the Western Shore.

The inlet between the island and the mainland is known as Kent Narrows. That’s where the biggest collection of restaurants are. It’s a nice place to have some seafood while you enjoy the waterfront. You can take your pick of the following; The Narrows, Fisherman’s Inn, Bridges, Fisherman’s Crab Deck, Harris Crab House, Red Eyes Dock Bar, The Jetty Dock Bar or Annie’s. Here is a link to Yelp reviews.

Take in Live music at many of the venues or visit Ferry Point park on the North end of the island or view Bloody Point Bar Light off the South end. The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center has a visitors center offering guided tours and much more.

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